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Embracing my divine feminine

Yesterday I completed my sessions with Rebecca. I had bought a 5 sessions package. That was the most amazing gift to myself. Rebecca guided me to clear blocks that were hiding in plain sight. Deepest gratitude for the amazing upgrade in my life.

It is safe, right and good for me to focus on me and know what brings me pleasure.

Sending you love, light and blessings! 💖

Adriana Alvarez

11 Mar, 2020

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Katherine Ryan

I think Rebecca is a wonderful intuitive. She really cares about her clients and always goes above and beyond. I would highly recommend having a session with her.

Katherine Ryan

20 Dec, 2019

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Katherine Ryan

I think Rebecca is a wonderful intuitive. She is extremely kind, compassionate and thorough. I would highly recommend her.

Katherine Ryan

5 Dec, 2019

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A shift is happening..

I felt quite heavy at that call discussing my money problems, but about a couple of days later I noticed a shift happening. Feeling lighter and more optimistic about money. I look forward to amazing things happening as I get rid of my money blocks.

Shankari Johnston

18 Nov, 2019

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Like there was no distance between us at all

Rebecca listened intently and helped me release painful energy from my past, I felt so scared and trapped in my throat area and afterwards I felt light and hopeful and energised.

She helped me see where further blocks exists and gave me constructive advice on connecting with source for my highest good. I left the session feeling happy and hope filled and peaceful and able to take action I had been procrastinating on.

I really look forward to our next session, she was insightful and encouraging and sincere and not afraid to call BS...lol

tania steenkamp

13 Nov, 2019

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Rebecca is very gifted and an excellent intuitive . She is kind caring , compassionate and an all round amazing coach.

Katherine Ryan

9 Oct, 2019

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Great !!!

Your answers made me understand that my intentions and aspirations are well aligned with that of yours'. I can so much depend on you as my mentor in shaping my entrepreneural niche and learn all fabulous rituals from you. I enjoyed the call with you and received answers aptly for my questions. Many many thanks for the same. Love you. Continue to do your great work.

K Ishwarya Lakshmi

26 Sep, 2019

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Free clarity telephone conversation

Excellent experience with Rebecca. I like the fact that she was prepared (professionally): I had to briefly write why I was contacting her when I first enquired to book the chat, and prior to the conversation, I had to fill out a comprehensive questionnaire. I found Rebecca's style extremely engaging, supportive and also 'challenging' (getting me to feel outside my comfort zone!). Rebecca's voice is very appealing, clear like a crystal fountain.

Nathalie Berthelin

8 Sep, 2019

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Live changing!

I had a very powerful call with Rebecca which has raised my awareness and brought me to action! Thank you Rebecca for your insights and wisdom and for sharing them with me, it is so appreciated.

Amber Fisher

16 Aug, 2019

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Brief Complimentary 15 Minute Phone Catch Up

I appreciated how present and authentic Rebecca was with me during this session. Rebecca got to the very core of my unique challenges in a very rapid space of time, which really impressed upon me. I was able to gather and go away with very specific and helpful advice and action steps to impliment immediately into my life. I highly recommend Rebecca's services to those eager to move ahead with a purposeful, powerful life.

Jackie Sheehan

11 Aug, 2019

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Breaking out of the cage

I will never forget that shift in my awareness after Rebecca cleared deep hidden childhood traumas from my energy field. I felt quite happy with my life and always on the path to see the good in everything. I didn’t even realize that I did that to get my awareness away from the heaviness of pain and shame I was hiding inside. It’s so freeing now to not see but to feel in my body clearly what is profitable for me. And on the other hand to realize quickly where I have to turn around and take back my attention from people and situations that are not good for me. Peaceful, straight and honest- I love my new- me🙏

Verena Koerber

6 Aug, 2019

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Exciting times!

I am excited at the prospect of working with Rebecca and gaining deep knowledge in the intuitive space!

Amber Fisher

23 Jul, 2019

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360 Degree Turnaround

Rebecca has taught be how to recognise old set unconscious beliefs and make them tangible. Once you truly recognise it, you can change it. My daily anxiety has 99% gone. My relationships have improved a billion times and my self belief and worth has set me on a path of freedom. I resigned from my job, with my dreams back in place and have 100% trust life is moving in the true direction of love. Plus I am about to start my training course with Rebecca, so I too can move in service. Thank you Rebecca x

Anna Mcferrier

18 Aug, 2018

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Chats with friend

Hi Rebecca, Since we last spoke, i'm happy to report a lot of changes immediately followed. i was struck with a horrible flu lasting 3 weeks. I knew i was in a process of clearing old stuff so i had no choice but to acknowledge and accept. Having to cancel clients and not at work for 3 wks. however i wasn't dismayed. i had faith things would work out. I get a call from my boss wk 3 saying shes giving me a promotion, better hours more money. Feeling confused but elated. i then get second job offer which works in with my own business again more money. Feeling much better by end of wk 3. i get invited to a weekend retreat, which i need at this point, for fraction of the cost. ... on top of this people are sending me gifts of love and friendship. again very weird but interesting exciting.
My mother decides to put her house on the market, less then 2 weeks into she sells the house.! money in the bank. She bought me a brand new lounge suite.! On top of all this good stuff i surrounded by some amazing supportive woman. I'm looking forward to shifting more stuff soon.

Nothing short of bliss!

jessie Cornell

23 Jun, 2018

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Deeper Consciousness & Awareness of Myself

I really loved that my baby could be present to benefit from the healings. I had a big ah ha after my first two sessions with Rebecca. I was doing plenty of self care but I was doing it last. I had thought I was taking good care of myself when in actual fact I was telling myself and the world that I wasn't a priority. I wasn't putting myself first. This new awareness has created shift in the way I live every day and is helping me to be clearer about boundaries, something I have always struggled with. I feel clearer and less drawn into dramas.

One piece of advice Rebecca gave me was to verbally communicate my emotions to my daughter so she can understand that when I am upset that it isn't about her. I have found this invaluable in the last few months.

Having recording of our sessions to listen to has helped me to feel more grounded and given me a deeper consciousness and awareness of myself.

Frances McKee

17 May, 2018

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Instant light-filled connection

Thank you Rebecca for an incredible phone call this week. After a friend was telling me how much she has grown since working with you, I just had to meet you. As soon as we spoke, I felt an instant connection and finished the phone call enlightened and like someone just got me +what I've been working on for months, even years that I've barely told many people and you understood my journey + what I want to create in a 30 minute phone call. Can not wait to continue the journey with one on ones

Ashleigh Weule

29 Mar, 2018

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